John Sudbrink | About
About the Photographer:
Born and raised between Southern Florida and East Tennessee one could say that I find home and peace in the East Tennessee Mountains, Carolina Beaches and in between. I have traveled all over the world with over 23+ years of Active Military Service. I am a Freelance Photojournalist and SportsPhotographer for the Jacksonville Daily News in Jacksonville, North Carolina. My Sports Photography focuses on all types of sports and events around the Eastern North Carolina area.

Artist Statement:
My vision as a photojournalist and sports photographer is to capture that one particular decisive moment that only takes place once, whether it be breaking news or on the field of play. It’s that split second / emotional moment and / or peak action, that communicates a story through a photograph in a news event or between players, parent, coaches, and fans. My goal and passion in capturing decisive moments in a photograph has to last forever and tell a story with no caption or words. My skills in photojournalism allow me to intuitively foresee and frame moments before they happen, combined with my knowledge of capturing constant changing situations. My reaction time with the camera allows me to capture fast moving subjects and variety, creative backgrounds, and visually dynamic composition to all aspects of my photography. My passion for photography is and has always been capturing a wide range of human emotions. The candid un-guarded moments that make’s us human and reveals our true identities. The best photographs are of unique moments you want to share with friends and family and cherish for a lifetime. That is the decisive moment in photography, this is my vision, this is my photography.

Stars and Stripes (Middle East Edition; Oct 2006), Transworld Surf Magazine (Dec 2010), SurfCarolina Magazine, Local Sessions Magazine, My Onslow Magazine, SWAT Magazine, BCM GunFighter Magazine, Various local and Regional newspapers in Eastern North Carolina. 

Tools of the Trade:
Canon Camera's, Canon Lenses, Think Tank Photo, Lexar Cards, Apple, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Manfrotto, Photo Mecahnic, ReallyRightStuff, Westcott Softboxes, Profoto, Paul C. Buff, Avenger, Matthews.